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The Breakwall Food & Spirits 

33382 Suite S, Walker Rd

Avon Lake, OH 44012

Hours: Monday, 2pm - 1am  |  Tuesday - Saturday, 11am – 1am  |  Sunday, 11am – 11pm

Phone: (440) 653-5301



Served with choice of 2 sides

Salad, Soup, Veggie, Rice, Cottage Cheese, Fries, O-rings, Tater Tots, Coleslaw or Baked Potato.

Add 2 seasoned shrimp skewers $7.00

Lake Erie Yellow Perch  |  $13.00

Beer-battered Lake Erie Yellow Perch fried to perfection served with fresh cut fries and coleslaw

12 oz. New York Strip Steak |   $15.00

12 oz. fresh cut New York Strip cooked to perfection served with your choice of 2 sides

Surf & Turf  |  $18.00

12 oz. NY Strip cooked to perfection and 2 shrimp skewers loaded with seasoned jumbo shrimp and served with your choice of 2 sidees

BBQ Chicken  |  $15.00

Grilled chicken breasts glazed with our homemade BBQ sauce served with your choice of 2 sides

Basket of Chicken Bites  |  $7.00

Fresh hand battered chicken breast pieces fried in our homemade beer batter & served in our Arizona ranch

Basket of Tater Tots  |  $6.00

Loaded Tots  |  $9.00

Tater Tots, nacho cheese, bacon, red onions & jalapenos served with sour cream & salsa

Mozzarella Sticks  |  $6.00

6 Mozzarella Sticks served with our homemade marinara sauce

Basket of Fried Pickles  |  $6.00

Hand-battered in our homemade Beer Batter served with Arizona ranch

Loaded Fresh Cut Fries  |  $7.00

Hand cut fries loaded with nacho cheese, bacon, red onions, jalapenos, served with sour cream & salsa

Loaded Nachos  |  $9.00

Your choice of beef or chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, nacho cheese, jalapenos, olives & red onions served with sour cream & salsa

Soup of the Day  |  cup $5.00 | bowl $6.00

Homemade Chili  |  cup $6.00 | bowl $7.00

add cheddar cheese, red onion, and/or sour cream for just $.50 per topping

Cheese & Sausage Platter  |  $10.00

Cheddar, Gouda, Swiss & Havarti served with summer sausage, crackers & spicy mustard

Sampler Platter  |  $11.00

A combination of potato skins, onion rings, mozzarella sticks & fried

mushrooms served w/ marinara, arizona ranch & sour cream (No substitutions)


Potato Skins  |  $8.00

Deep fried and baked potato cups loaded with cheddar cheese, bacon, and red onion served with sour cream

Basket Fresh Cut Fries  |  $5.00

Tower of Onion Rings  |  $6.00

Cheese Quesadilla  |  $6.00

Loaded with cheddar cheese, jalapenos, served with sour cream & Salsa. Chicken or Beef $2.95

Basket Fried Mushrooms  |  $6.00

Fresh hand-battered mushrooms in our homemade beer batter & served with Arizona ranch


Celery, Blue Cheese or Ranch add $.50

Sauces available: Arizona Ranch, BBQ, Garlic Parmesan, Dry Cajun, Teriyaki, Mild, Hot, Medium, Honey Mustard

6 wings  |  $7.00

13 wings  |  $9.00


Homemade Dressings Available: Ranch, Italian, Blue Cheese, & Thousand Island.

Other Dressings Available: Poppyseed, Honey Mustard, French & Caesar

House Salad  |  Small $6.00 | Large $8.00

Iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, homemade croutons, and mozzeralla cheese

Caesar  |  Small $6.00 | Large $9.00

Romaine, fresh parmesan, garlic croutons tossed in caesar dressing. Chicken add $2.95

Antipasto Salad  |  Small $8.00 | Large $10.00

Iceburg lettuce, ham, pepperoni tomatoes, red onions, homemade

croutons, and mozzeralla cheese

Taco Salad  |  $9.00

Iceburg lettuce, beef or chicken, tomatoes, red onions, cheddar cheese, black olives, jalapenos served in our homemade fried taco bowl served with sour cream & salsa

Grilled Chicken Salad  |  Small $8.00 | Large $10.00

Grilled chicken breast served over Iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, red onions, homemade croutons, and mozzeralla cheese

Steak Salad  |  Small $9.00 | Large $11.00

Grilled strip steak served over iceburg lettuce, tomatoes, homemade croutons, red onions and mozzarella cheese

Fresh Homemade Pizza

Made with our fresh seasoned dough and our homemade pizza sauce

NOTE: Expect at least 20 minutes for a fresh pizza



Extra cheese, pepperoni, sausage, red onions, green peppers, black olives, tomatoes, banana peppers, pineapple, ham, mushrooms, bacon, ground beef, extra sauce, jalapeno peppers, steak, grilled or fried chicken


CYO Pizza  |  $9.00

Create your own 2 topping pizza

9" Pie |  $9.00

(Each additional topping $2.00)

12" Pie  |  $10.00

(Each additional topping $2.25)

16" Pie  |  $13.00

(Each additional topping $2.50)

Single Item Personal Pie  |  $7.00

6" one topping (Each additional topping $2.00)

The Hawaiian Pie  |  12" Pie  $16.00  |  16" Pie $18.00

Ham, red onions, pineapple, & bacon

Premium Pie  |  12" Pie  $16.00 16" Pie $18.00

Pepperoni, sausage, ham, mushrooms, red onions, green peppers, banana peppers & bacon

The BBQ Pie  |  12" Pie  $16.00  |  16" Pie $18.00

Our homemade pulled pork, caramelized onions, tomatoes, cheddar cheese, and our homemade BBQ sauce

The Vegetarians Pie  |  12" Pie  $13.00  |  16" Pie $15.00

Red onions, green peppers, banana peppers, black olives, tomatoes, pineapple, and mushrooms

The Breakwalls' Fresh Pressed Burgers

Burgers are all served on a Kaiser roll with lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles and includes fresh cut fries.

Cheeses Available: Mozzarella, Pepper Jack, Cheddar, Swiss, Blue Cheese & American.

You may subsitute for an additional cost, onion rings, tater tots, salad, soup, coleslaw or chili.


Rare: Dark Red  |  Medium Rare: Red, Cool Center  |  Medium: Dark Pink  |  MediumWell: Light Pink  |  Well: No Pink


The Original  |  $8.00

1/2 lb patty topped with lettuce, tomato, onion, pickle & your choice of cheese

BBQ Burger  |  $9.00

1/2 lb patty topped with BBQ sauce, cheddar cheese, & an onion ring

Patty Melt  |  $8.00

1/2 lb patty on grilled rye bread, grilled red onions & American cheese

Bacon Cheddar Sliders  |  $8.00

3 1/3 bacon and cheddar filled mini burgers.

Add lettuce, tomato & onion $.50

The Ship Wrech  |  $12.00

2 - 1/2lb patties, lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon & your choice of 2 cheeses served with onion rings

Black & Blue  |  $9.00

1/2 lb Cajun spiced patty topped with melted crumbled blue cheese & bacon

Lake Erie Perch Sandwich  |  $8.00

Fresh beer-battered Lake Erie Perch topped with lettuce & tomato on a hoagie bun served with coleslaw and a side of tartar sauce


All Sandwiches come with fresh-cut fries

To add fries with Tacos add $1.50

Cheeses available Swiss, Cheddar, Pepper Jack, American, Provolone, Mozzarella & Blue Cheese

You may sub onion rings, tator tots, salad, soup, veggie, cottage cheese or coleslaw for an additional cost


Philly Steak  |  $9.00

Thinly cut fresh sirloin topped w/green pepper, mushroom, red onion & mozzarella cheeses served on a hoagie bun

Grilled Chicken Sandwich  |  $8.00

Grilled chicken topped w/lettuce & tomato served on a kaiser roll

Want bacon, cheese or your favorite wing sauce? Each topping add $.50

French Dip  |  $8.00

Our fresh hand-cut sirloin smothered in Mozzarella cheese & served with a side of Au Jus

BLT  |  $6.00

6 huge pieces of our hickory smoked bacon topped w/lettuce & tomato served on toasted sour dough w/side of mayo

Uncle Jim's Big Cheese  |  $6.00

Toasted sour dough smothered in American cheese

Add your own cheeses 3 max than per cheese add $.50

Valicity's Favorite  |  $8.00

1/2 lb of our homemade pulled pork smothered in our homemade BBQ and topped w/fried egg.

Scarlett's Favorite  |  $9.00

1/2 lb of our homemade pulled pork smothered in our homemade BBQ and topped w/our homemade coleslaw

Reuben  |  $8.00

Homemade corned beef served on grilled rye topped with sour kraut, swiss cheese, & thousand island dressing

Corned Beef  |  $7.00

Homemade corned beef & swiss cheese on grilled rye

2 Beef or Chicken Tacos  |  $8.00

Your choice of beef or chicken, lettuce, tomato, black olives, jalapenos & cheddar cheese served w/sour cream & salsa

Lake Erie Perch Taco  |  $6.00

Lake Erie Perch dipped in our homemade beer batter topped w/cheddar cheese, green cabbage, & our special sauce

The Driftwood Dog  | $5.00

1/4 lb all beef hot dog. Additional toppings each $.50

El Cubano Panini  |  $8.00

Grilled Panini with our homemade pulled pork smothered in provolone cheese, dill pickle & spicy mustard dressing

Kid's Menu

Turkey Club  |  $8.00

Smoked turkey topped w/ bacon, lettuce & tomato served on grilled sour dough & a side of mayo

Chicken Bites & Fries  |  $5.00

Grilled Cheese & Fries  |  $5.00

Hot Dog & Fries  |  $5.00

6" 1 topping Pizza  |  $5.00